Sir Douglas Myers has lost his Senses: he's sold the 59m luxury superyacht to Google billionaire Larry Page.

The luxury motor boat sold last month to the Google co-founder after being listed on the boat international website for €35 million ($60.5 million).

Myers has described Senses as an adventure boat, and has spent the last few years cruising the world in the steel-hulled behemoth.

Its split-level decks are home to sun-lounging areas, festooned with a multitude of deck chairs.

There are sheltered indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a gym and on-deck jacuzzi. It can accommodate 10 guests and 14 crew.

There are pleasure-boats of all sizes available for guests' use and the yacht can carry a helicopter with ease.

Senses has previously been available for charter in the Seychelles Islands for $343,000 a week, not including food, drink and gas.

Myers was holidaying at Lake Tarawera and could not be reached for comment, but he talked to a Wellington newspaper last year about his experiences on the yacht.

"It's an adventure boat and, for its size, I think it is the best around," he said.

"I have been going around the world for the last five or six years on that. It's been pretty good fun. It goes somewhere I want to go and I fly in, take some friends and spend a month or two."

Page's company, Google, would not comment on his pricey purchase.

Senses is a well-known boat in New Zealand superyacht circles and yacht broker Allan Jouning, of 37 South, confirmed Page had bought the boat.

"He took delivery before the new year," said Jouning. "He's been looking at it for some time."

Jouning said Senses was an "incredible boat" and was home to a large number of toys - including a helicopter and a 13m runabout that could be launched from the back of the mothership.

And Page was not new to a life of luxury on the sea, having chartered large craft in the past, Jouning said.

"I've had him charter some of my boats up in Tahiti."

Senses was finished in 1999 by German boat-builders Schweers.