Pike River Coal's receivers say it could take up to four months to re-enter the mine in which 29 workers died in an explosion last month.

Receivers PricewaterhouseCooper today presented a draft plan for re-entry to the ill-fated mine at a meeting with to police today.

The draft plan was prepared by a panel of technical experts including company staff, mines rescue personnel from New Zealand and Australia and other subject expertise.

As he left the meeting a representative for the receivers said it could be up to four months before re-entry to the mine was possible.

Police spokeswoman Barbara Dunn told NZPA tonight the plan had been given to Police Commissioner Howard Broad and would be peer reviewed.

"Every man and his dog will look at it."

The plan contains two phases, say police. The first relates to work currently underway to try and stabilise the mine environment. It suggests some additional work around sealing of cracks in the ground to help reduce the flow of gases out of the mine.

The second phase sets out plans to enter the mine to recover the remains of the 29 workers. This phase is dependent on the mine environment being stablised to the extent that it can be safely re-entered.

Police would retain control of the work to stabilise the mine in the meantime.

- NZPA, NZ Herald staff