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Dennis Conner claims to remember nothing about walking out of the interview which launched Paul Holmes' television career 21 years ago.

The American sailor known as "Dirty" Dennis will this month attend an America's Cup legends charity dinner in Auckland to celebrate Sir Michael Fay's 1987 New Zealand Challenge in Fremantle.

Holmes was due to host the Asthma New Zealand event but organiser David Higgins changed the plan after talking to Conner.

The yachting legend, a four-time winner of the cup who was also the first American to lose it to international competition, walked out when asked by Holmes if he'd apologise for calling New Zealand yacht designer Bruce Farr "a loser" and "full of shit".

Leaving his chair, Conner thanked Holmes for having him on the show, picked up a bag and walked out. The incident can be viewed on YouTube.

At the weekend, Conner was asked by Radio Live's Martin Devlin if there was a chance during the trip this month he'd "make peace with Paul Holmes".

Conner said he didn't know what Devlin was talking about.

"I don't really remember that. Never say never to anything but certainly not high on my agenda."

In the Herald on Sunday, Holmes said it was "pathetic" a person could hold on to something for 21 years.

But the forgettable experience for Conner wasn't something Holmes would be drawn on.

Holmes hung up on the Herald, then later said he had no comment to make.

Devlin said the foggy memory response was obviously a porky.

"It just defies belief that he didn't remember it because he's been asked about it so many times." He has called on organisers to reinstate Holmes as MC. "Paul's exactly right - 21 years is a long time ... just get over yourself."