A Waikato man who robbed and kidnapped a 61-year-old man, who was so traumatised by the attack he later took his own life, has failed to have his jail sentence cut.

Weruma Mohi Walker, who has a lengthy criminal history, including violence, was sentenced to nine years' prison, with a minimum period of six years, earlier this year after he pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

Last year Walker, who was then 34, and three associates went to the victim's house and demanded money from him. They took $70 from his wallet and then drove him to an ATM and forced him to withdraw $800.

They then took him back to his house and tied him up with computer cables and threatened him, told him not to call the police before cutting the telephone wires.

The attack had such a profound effect on the victim he took his own life three weeks later. Before that he could not live in his house, could not drive his car and burned clothes he believed the offenders had touched.

Walker argued to the Court of Appeal that he was not given a full 20 per cent discount for his guilty plea and the judge did not take into account his remorse for the man's death - as opposed to remorse for the robbery and kidnapping itself.

But the court, in a decision released today, rejected Walker's argument and said the sentencing judge essentially got it right, and could even have been seen as being lenient.