The former MP given $9000 in travel perks only to be told he did not qualify eight years later says he is frustrated that Parliamentary Service has now changed the rules on him.

Former National MP Alec Neill has confirmed he received $9000 in travel discounts, only to be told in May he was not eligible for the perk for former MPs. The case was mentioned in this year's annual report.

The perk is available only to former MPs elected before 1999 who served a minimum of three terms.

Mr Neill was first awarded the perk in 2002 because he served two full terms in the 1990s and two further partial terms after that. He returned as a list MP in 1999 to replace Paul East and again in 2001 to replace Simon Upton - the term in which there was an early June election in 2002.

Mr Neill said Parliamentary Service decided in 2002 his two part-terms were the equivalent of a full term so he qualified for the 60 per cent rebate. But this May he was told there was a review of all travel concessions and he did not qualify.

"They're now taking the high-handed approach that I wasn't there for three full terms. From my point of view Parliamentary Service made a correct, commonsense decision and now some new broom has chosen to make his mark and change the rules.

"I'm somewhat frustrated by that but I can't see what I can do about it."

He said he rarely used the rebates, spending $9000 over eight years mainly on trips to Australia to see his grandchildren. He said Parliamentary Service had not asked for the money back and he did not believe it should.

"What piddles me off is you can't just go and start a new career or international job because you're next on the list. That happened to me twice. To find out eight years later that some smart alec has changed the rules and stopped my concessions is somewhat disappointing."

A spokesman for Parliamentary Service refused to comment.

MPs who have served three terms can claim back 60 per cent, those who have done four terms get 75 per cent and those with more than five terms can claim 90 per cent. Any who had served as a minister or Speaker can claim back 50 per cent after two terms.

Who gets the biggest flight discounts?
What they can claim for:

Discount on 12 return domestic trips and the equivalent of a return business class flight to London each year. Applies to spouses as well.

Current MPs who will get the perk when they leave:
* 90 per cent discount: Jim Anderton, Rick Barker, Bill English, Lianne Dalziel, Sir Roger Douglas, Ruth Dyson, Phil Goff, George Hawkins, Pete Hodgson, Annette King, Trevor Mallard, Murray McCully, Damien O'Connor, Ross Robertson, Tony Ryall, Lockwood Smith, Nick Smith, Maurice Williamson.

* 75 per cent discount: Gerry Brownlee, Chris Carter, David Carter, Rodney Hide, Nanaia Mahuta, Wayne Mapp, Eric Roy, Georgina te Heuheu, Tariana Turia.

* 60 per cent discount: Shane Ardern, Tau Henare.

* Only former MPs who were elected before 1999 get the discount.