The company that recruited Stephen Wilce - who is accused of embellishing his CV - also put forward an accountant who not only lacked qualifications, but also ripped off the Wellington organisation who hired her.

Mr Wilce, chief defence force scientist for the past five years, resigned last week following an investigation by the 60 Minutes programme, which revealed he made extravagant claims about his background, including that he had a distinguished combat career.

Several inquiries are being held.

Now NZPA sources have revealed the company behind Mr Wilce's recruitment - Momentum Consulting - also selected an unqualified woman to work as an accountant for a Wellington business group.

The applicant said she had an MBA and multiple degrees from various universities and Momentum was to do background checks.

Her poor on-the-job performance raised doubts about her qualifications, the source told NZPA.

"After about seven or eight months of really bad performance [we] went back to Momentum and said 'this doesn't make sense, this person doesn't even have the basics of an accounting knowledge'."

A few months later it confirmed she lacked legitimate qualifications and she resigned when her employer raised its concerns. Days later it discovered invoices had been paid to her bank account, with as much as $60,000 involved. The woman has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

Momentum Consulting group managing director Bede Ashby said the woman was initially hired as a contractor. He said qualification checks took a long time to complete.

Labour leader Phil Goff said the case was concerning.

"If they can't get an appointment like that right, what faith can we have in other appointments?"

Mr Ashby said a review had been carried out in the Wilce case. He was satisfied the firm had completed all tasks required under its arrangement with the Defence Force.