The vast Albert-Eden-Roskill ward is facing dissection by two new powerful forces.

They are not political forces, but transport corridors. The Waterview Connection and the proposed Dominion Rd upgrade both cut through the heart of the new ward, and are the biggest talking points heading into next month's election.

With one councillor to 75,000 people in Albert-Eden-Roskill, candidates for the two local boards (Puketapapa, Albert-Eden) say they will have councillor-like status if elected. The competition is stiff, with 42 candidates competing for 16 seats.

The Albert-Eden subdivisions of Owairaka and Maungawhau are largely middle class and liberal areas, and strongholds of the Labour Party.

Puketapapa, commonly known as Mt Roskill, is also Labour territory but has traditionally voted for Citizens and Ratepayers on the strength of the Hay family and their conservative Christian vote. The territory is no longer the Bible belt of Auckland, and C&R face a challenge from a new political ticket, Roskill Community Voice, aligned with City Vision.

Roskill Community Voice are challenging Citizens and Ratepayers on two controversial proposals - the removal of the Monte Cecilia School in Hillsborough and the proposed upgrade of Dominion Rd. The $30 million relocation of the Catholic school to create space around the Pah Homestead has been called a "shameful" waste of money by the group.

The council has also proposed to make Dominion Road a T2 highway, which would require the removal of parking spaces on the road. Businesses at the Mt Roskill end say it would ruin their trade.

Roskill Community Voice wanted an end to the "neglect" of Mt Roskill's shopping centre, which is in stark contrast to the Eden Village at the other end of Dominion Rd.

C&R felt the most important issues were giving a voice to the diverse communities in the Puketapapa region, and lifting young people out of unemployment. The battle over Dominion Rd will extend to the Maungawhau subdivision. A large proportion of Mt Eden residents work in the city, and boards must try and smooth the path for cyclists, public transport and motorists.

Maungawhau also contains several important green spaces - Maungawhau-Mt Eden, One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park and Mt St John. If longtime heritage campaigner Glenda Fryer is elected to the Super City as a councillor, City Vision will have a strong voice on volcanic cone protection in council chambers.

In Owairaka, the biggest local issue is coping with the fallout from the planned Waterview Connection, which will require the demolition of 205 houses. Candidates say the lost space and facilities will need to be fought for at board level.

The Owairaka subdivision has some of the poorest streets in Auckland, and candidates are keen to encourage youth employment and safe shopping areas. The dilapidated condition of the Mt Albert railway station has been raised in community board meetings, and the "tired" state of Owairaka-Mt Albert's volcanic cone.

Candidates for the Owairaka board include experienced Auckland City Councillor Graham Easte, running on the City Vision ticket.




* Peter Boys, Albert-Eden-Roskill Ratepayers & Residents Assn
* Virginia Chong, Focus Local
* Lee Corrick, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Bob Demler, Focus Local
* Matthew Goode, (no ticket stated)
* Peter Haynes, City Vision
* Gayatri Jaduram, Focus Local
* Julie Kelleway, Focus Local
* Martin Mackenzie, Independent
* Simon Mitchell, City Vision
* Rakesh Nauhria, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Rochelle Rees, City Vision
* Beverley Roser, City Vision
* Keith Scott, Independent
* Tracey Simpson, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Tim Woolfield, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill

* Pauline Anderson, Focus Local
* Helga Arlington, City Vision
* Gary Carter, Focus Local
* Norma De Langen, Focus Local
* Murray Dorreen, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Graeme Easte, City Vision
* Claudette Hauiti, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Cameron Morris, Citizens & Ratepayers
* Rajiv Sood, (no ticket stated)
* Sarah Turner, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Obed Unasa, Edom City Vision
* Margi Watson, City Vision

* Richard Barter, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Julie Fairey, Roskill Community Voice
* Joel Fotu, Roskill Community Voice
* Robert Goh, (no ticket stated)
* Garth Houltham, Roskill Community Voice
* Lingappa Kalburgi, Roskill Community Voice
* Feleti Key, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Ella Kumar, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Peter Muys, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Ram Rai, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Hari Shankar, (no ticket stated)
* Brenda Simmons Vui-Talitu, Roskill Community Voice
* Nigel Turnbull, Citizens & Ratepayers - Albert Eden Roskill
* Michael Wood, Roskill Community Voice

* From the New Zealand Herald feature, 'Super City - Election Guide'