Labour could work with New Zealand First if it needed the numbers to form a government, leader Phil Goff says.

Recently, Prime Minister John Key wouldn't rule out working with NZ First - which failed to win a seat in Parliament at the 2008 election - but said it was a decision for closer to the election.

Speaking on TV3 political show The Nation this morning, Mr Goff said Labour had worked with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters in the past and could again. Mr Peters was Foreign Minister in the last years of the Helen Clark-led government.

"I think if you've got an MMP Parliament and you need to get a majority, you've got to consider all options."

Mr Goff said Mr Peters had good support among elderly people.

"I wouldn't rule Winston out...I think if he ramps up his campaign there's every chance he'll be back in Parliament."

Mr Goff was also open to the Maori Party; "...look I'll work with any party in Parliament if it's for what I see as being the good of New Zealanders and for the values that we believe in".

Labour and the Greens have worked together in the past, although the smaller party has felt shunned over never being included in a formal coalition arrangement.

United Future's Peter Dunne has been a partner of both Labour and National governments.