Police investigating the murder of a Feilding dairy farmer in his driveway are looking into an unsolved arson at the property two years ago.

Four days after 31-year-old father-of-one Scott Guy was shot in Aorangi Rd, investigators are still no closer to finding his killer.

The house he shared with wife Kylee, who is pregnant with their second child, and 2-year-old son Hunter, is still cordoned off as police carry out an extensive scene examination.

They are expected to be at the address over the next couple of days.

A distraught Mrs Guy has paid tribute to her husband - whom she described as "the best father you could ever have" - in the days following the killing.

"He was so hands-on with Hunter. He was just so perfect, we were just soulmates and he is my best friend.

"It's so unfair, you couldn't say a bad thing about him.

"Scott touched so many hearts, he had such a warm, kind nature.

"Hunter and our new baby are the main thing, that is helping me through this devastating time."

Police spokeswoman Kim Perks told the Herald yesterday that a fire at a house on Mr Guy's property was part of police inquiries.

"There was an arson on the property in October 2008 which is subject to an investigation and this investigation team has turned its mind to that incident but are yet to establish whether there any links.

"It's one of those matters of course things. It would be naive not to take a look."

No one had been caught for the arson.

A story in the Manawatu Standard after the fire said the house was waiting for removal and two moving trailers - with an estimated combined value of $1 million - were also ruined.

The fire service were called just before midnight on a Friday night and it was estimated the blaze had already been burning for 30 minutes.

Police said at the time that the closest neighbour was about 500m away and the road didn't get much traffic, which would make it harder to find the culprits.

Ms Perks said police were also looking at other crime in the area.

"It's standard practice really that we would look at any other suspicious activity in the area to see if there was anything of relevance."

She said no one had yet been brought to police attention as a suspect.

Family have said Mr Guy got up early to work on the farm last Thursday but Ms Perks said it was not yet known how long he lay dead in the driveway before he was found by a neighbour about 7am.

"Obviously part of the investigation will be to build up the background of him and his routine."

She would not reveal what type of gun was used against Mr Guy or how many times he was shot.