Two schoolgirl rugby teams have been suspended after a brawl in which players were joined by spectators and reserves rushing in from the sideline.

The game between Mt Roskill Grammar School and Glendowie College was called off eight minutes into the second half.

Players and representatives from the schools met at a judicial hearing convened by the Auckland Rugby Union last week.

The teams, playing in the 10-a-side girls' competition, were suspended for one week and the two players at the centre of the fracas were suspended for two games.

Mt Roskill Grammar School told the Auckland Rugby Union on Wednesday that it had removed its team from the competition.

Teams which were to play the school during the rest of the season will win their games by default.

The schools were reluctant to discuss the brawl, on May 17, but a rugby source said two girls got into a fight during a ruck or maul.

They were punching each other before the referee separated them.

"One of the girls snuck round behind the spectators to the other side where the other team was and started mouthing off at the same girl, basically challenging her to a fight.

"They started mouthing off and the two of them started eye-balling each other and it was all go."

Spectators and reserves rushed on to the field and got involved, although some were trying to break up the fight.

"There would have been at least half a dozen to a dozen people on both sides," the source said.

Auckland Secondary Schools Rugby Union chairman Jim Lonergan, who sat on the judicial panel hearing the case, said a Mt Roskill student and a Baradene College student, who was playing in the Glendowie team, started the fight.

"It was a fight, but it was the fact that supporters and spectators came in from both sides ... that was why the referee called it off.

"Most of them were trying to separate it, but it was the fact that they're not allowed on the field."

Asked how many people became involved in the fight, Mr Lonergan said, "I couldn't put a number on it".

Mt Roskill Grammar School principal Greg Watson and Glendowie College deputy principal Gordon Robertson gave the Herald identical statements saying they were "very disappointed" by the incident.

"The two schools worked closely together on this matter and there have been further consequences for the teams and individuals concerned," the statements said.

Baradene College acting principal Theresa Bosch refused to comment.

* In Christchurch, spectators at the annual Christ's College-Christchurch Boys' High game will be breathtested, and will be refused admission if they show any hint of alcohol.

The breathtesting, which will be carried out by police, is a bid to prevent crowd trouble.

"It doesn't matter whether you're eight or 80, you'll be breathtested on entering the ground," Boys' High principal Trevor McIntyre told 3 News.

* In August last year, a judicial hearing banned five Kelston Boys' High School students from playing rugby for periods ranging from 45 to 71 weeks after a brawl with Auckland Grammar.
* Four Auckland Grammar students were banned for two to seven weeks. The five Kelston players later had their playing bans cut to seven to 14 weeks after outrage over the discrepancies.