Changes in driver licensing and testing fees were confirmed today and include a new $65 reinstatement fee from January 1 for those getting their licence back after suspensions for driving infringements.

The changes apply to a string of licensing services, and while there will be some decreases, it will cost more to obtain the basic private driving licenses.

Application and testing fees for a learner will from July 1 increase $12.90 to $91.90, restricted fees will increase $17.60 to $105.80, full licence fees will increase $18.10 to $133.20, while the basic licence renewal fee will dip $1.30 to $43.

From January 1 next year there will be a new $65 "licence reinstatement" fee those who have had their licence suspended due to accumulating over 100 demerit points in two years, or those who have been disqualified from driving as part of a court-ordered penalty.

Mr Joyce said, overall, fees will be lower for 19 licensing services and more expensive for 22 services, while four fees will remain the same.

He said there had been no fee changes since 2002 and more recently the cost of delivering licensing services had not been met by the income from fees.

"Even with these new fees the NZ Transport Agency will have to make some cost savings, and is currently looking at ways to further improve its systems," Mr Joyce said.

The full list of fee changes can be viewed at