Bailey Junior Kurariki has been released on bail after he failed to appear in court yesterday on charges of indecent exposure and indecent assault.

Kurariki, 20, failed to appear in Manukau District Court yesterday and a warrant was issued for his arrest if he did not show by 4pm.

He missed that deadline and was picked up late last night at a south Auckland house and spent the night in police custody.

In court today, he was remanded to May 7 to appear on the sex charges and one charge of assaulting a prison officer which he already faced.

He was also remanded to the same day on a charge of failing to meet his earlier bail conditions and appear in court.

His lawyer told the court he would be pleading not guilty on all five charges.

As part of his bail the court imposed a home curfew from 7pm to 7am.

Earlier, police told Kurariki ran out the back and through a neighbour's property when police came knocking yesterday.

Kurariki's lawyer Jonathan Hudson told the court yesterday morning that Kurariki's family had said he was unwell.

He said Kurariki had gone to his probation officer who referred him to a doctor.

But Judge Moses said if Kurariki was well enough to see his probation officer, he was well enough to turn up in court and issued an arrest warrant.

Detective Inspector Mark Gutrie said when police went to arrest Kurariki at a relative's home yesterday, he ran out the backdoor and through a neighbour's property.

Mr Gutrie said police caught up with Kurariki in the next street.