Police are still to decide whether any other charge will be laid against a woman arrested after the body of a dead baby was discovered in a shed at Waltham, Christchurch.

The woman, who has continued interim name suppression, was remanded for another six days at Hillmorton Hospital when she appeared in Christchurch District Court today.

The unemployed 27-year-old has been at the hospital, which cares for mental health patients, since her first court appearance on February 19.

Judge John Bisphan today granted the request of defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger for the remand to March 11.

"The police investigation is still on-going," Miss Bulger told the court. "There are still some interviews to be completed before a final decision about whether any other charge will be laid."

The woman now faces a charge that in July or August last year, she disposed of the dead body of the baby boy with intent to conceal the fact of its birth. She has entered no plea.

The judge also allowed the suppression order to continue, but Miss Bulger acknowledged that it would have to be re-argued at the next appearance.