Police have confirmed a body found near Christchurch is that of missing mother Vanessa Pickering.

A post-mortem examination is still being finalised. But Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas said Ms Pickering had suffered some trauma and her death was not an accident.

It did not appear any attempt had been made to hide the body, although it was found in an area difficult to access.

In a statement read by Ms Le Bas, Ms Pickering's mother Rachel thanked the police, searchers, the media and everyone who had provided information to help in the investigation.

"Even though tragic, we have been blessed with the recovery of Vanessa, and her daughter's life spared.

"We can't thank everyone enough."

Police say they are not looking at any other crime scenes after the discovery of Ms Pickering's body, and they are encouraging the public to continue offering information if they have it.

Ms Pickering had not been seen since Monday. The next night, her daughter was found wandering alone in a paddock north of Christchurch.

Ms Le Bas said information provided to the police led them to the body on farmland.

It was in an area with several running and mountain-bike tracks and surrounded by brush and livestock.

Earlier yesterday, a 40-year-old man questioned in relation to Ms Pickering's disappearance was charged with assault with intent to commit sexual violation, sexual violation, unlawful detention and assault on a child.

He was denied name suppression by Judge Michael Crosbie in the Christchurch District Court. But lawyer Serina Bailey said she would appeal against that decision, so temporary suppression was granted until 5pm today to allow the appeal to be lodged.

It is understood that the man knew Ngatai Lynette "Mallory" Manning, the Christchurch prostitute whose murder remains unsolved. The homicide investigation team working on her case is believed to now be working with the Pickering investigation team to see if there is a link.

The man's name and photo had been widely published after his arrest.