Labour MP Shane Jones says John Key should intervene in a Far North land occupation before thousands attend a fishing competition at the end of the month.

Land at Taipa which is up for sale is being occupied by two brothers, John and Wikatana Popata, who assaulted the Prime Minister at Waitangi last year.

The occupation is likely still to be in progress when the Lions Club hold its annual fishing competition.

"Why should people who want to come and fish and have an enjoyable day with their children be held hostage by a small disaffected group who do not represent the feelings of Maori in the north," said Mr Jones.

When the Herald visited the site this week, four aggressive dogs were tied up at intervals along the front of the old camping grounds.

Wikatana Popata said that while the pig dogs looked ferocious, they weren't a danger to the public.

"They look vicious but if you let them, they'll suck your hands."

Mr Jones was also scathing of Ngati Kahu leadership, singling out Professor Margaret Mutu for the "duplicitous" backing of the occupation while working towards settlement with the Crown.

The Herald understands the private landowner, who is ill, has contacted police but is yet to make a complaint.

The Prime Minister's office would not comment on whether Mr Key would intervene by January 30.