Take a bow - or should t' />

He rides on one wheel, comes from that sporting powerhouse of Kaikohe and is New Zealand's first world champion of 2010.

Take a bow - or should that be bicycle seat - Christian Huriwai, the newly crowned Street Unicycle World Champion.

Huriwai won the competition ahead of a vastly more experienced field at the Unicycle World Championships and Convention in Wellington.

He has made his place in Kiwi unicycle history by becoming New Zealand's first world champion in the street competition, knocking out defending champion Adrien Delecroix of France along the way.

At Wellington's Waitangi Park on Monday, Huriwai beat Delecroix to make the top three. He then took first place and, with it, New Zealand's first medal in the street section.

The street competition involves unicyclists performing tricks on urban obstacles such as ledges, handrails and stairs with technical proficiency, style and creativity.

New Zealand's only previous unicycle world champion is Ken Looi, who won gold in the marathon in 2006.

The organiser of the championship, Arthur Klap, said Huriwai's win was amazing, especially considering that New Zealanders were generally not that strong at the street event.

"Traditionally, Kiwis have not been very good at the technical disciplines like street and trials, where generally the Europeans and Japanese are the strongest," Mr Klap said.

"This is a huge win for Christian. Let's hope it's just the start of more New Zealand success."