Parliament's Speaker, Lockwood Smith, has warned the media that the coverage of MPs' expenses borders on lobbying, and if it continues he will treat journalists as lobbyists.

Dr Smith said only he can decide what happens with MPs' expenses, and the media should stop "parroting a view".

He made the comments when the Herald was asking questions about Deputy Speaker Lindsay Tisch's accommodation arrangements in which a front company was used to maximise the amount of taxpayer-provided cash claimed.

Dr Smith said any changes to the Speaker's Directions were for him to make.

It was not up to newspapers, which, he implied, were lobbying for change.

"If the newspapers do want to have a view and want to lobby on it, I'm very happy to issue them with a lobbyist card and relieve them of their [Press Gallery] offices here, and if they want to be lobbyists - fine.

"You've seen how principled I've been in the chamber, I'll take the same approach to other things as well."

Dr Smith said the public could rest assured he had given the matter of expenses a lot of thought and taken a lot of advice.

Mr Tisch's arrangement meant the $410 a week he has been claiming from the public purse for his Wellington accommodation was paid to his own property investment company.

This made him landlord and tenant - with the taxpayer picking up the bill.

Other MPs are using similar arrangements, but Dr Smith denied it was a loophole and said he was happy for the practice to continue as long as the rent claimed was based on an independent market valuation.

Labour MP Pete Hodgson called for an independent review of Mr Tisch's expense arrangements to "protect the integrity of Parliament".

Mr Hodgson said Mr Tisch's arrangement "appears contrary to the rules".

The review would probably have to be ordered by Dr Smith, who is responsible for MPs' expenses.

Mr Hodgson said Mr Tisch's role as Dr Smith's deputy meant the arrangement had to be "independently examined with the results made public".

"When questions of a presiding officer of Parliament are raised, they must be followed through.

"The integrity of Parliament deserves that."