It is seen as the more serious terrestrial television channel but TV One is about to be sexed up with a series about a well-endowed man.

Hung is a drama charting the life of a cash-strapped high-school teacher who resorts to prostitution after his house burns down.

It is one of a number of new shows in TVNZ's 2010 schedule.

General manager of programming Jane Wilson said the comedy drama "pushes the boundaries" - something the broadcaster was hoping to achieve with TV One.

"We want to be a little bit edgier and a little less safe."

Ms Wilson said next year's line-up would feature a range of new series, mini-series and also favourites including Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Border Patrol and Packed to the Rafters.

The TV One and TV2 line-up includes a number of American imports, some New Zealand drama and rehashed versions of overseas 'reality' programmes:

The Vampire Diaries: An American supernatural series based on books in which a young woman falls in love with a vampire after the death of her parents.

Cougar Town: An American sitcom starring former Friends star Courtney Cox, who plays a recently divorced mother entering a dating scene filled with younger men.

The Apprentice NZ: A version of the reality series, but with Wellington businessman Terry Serepisos, which will see 14 contestants competing for a six-figure-salary job - possibly as Serepisos' deputy.

MasterChef NZ: Another take on an international reality series that will have 12 contestants showing off their talents in the kitchen.

The Pacific: A World War II drama mini-series from the creative team behind the award-winning Band of Brothers.

Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet: A mock documentary in which the comedian travels the world to uncover the world's greatest mysteries, including Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle.

This Is Not My Life: From the writers behind popular series Outrageous Fortune and Go Girls, the action mystery drama series has already been bought by United States producers. The series is about a man who wakes up with no recollection of who he is, but soon finds clues that everyone is lying to him.

FlashForward: An American science fiction series starring Joseph Fiennes. Based around a future where a mysterious event makes everyone in the world black out. As people gain consciousness, the world starts changing because people know their future.