Police have the names of hundreds of people they say have bought fake drivers licences.

Detective Sergeant James Watson said six students have been arrested for either using or making forged drivers licences so far.

He said the licences were sold for $100.

Mr Watson said police have seized a computer with a database with hundreds of names on it.

"After discovering five North Shore students who were using the plausible forged licences that put their ages at 18 or over, Police initiated an investigation which last Monday saw 17 year-old Cambodian student Marcus Lim arrested and charged with forgery," Mr Watson said.

He said the people who have "fully cooperated" with police and only intended using the licences to get into bars and pubs have been let off with a caution.

Mr Watson said people who have fake licences should go to their nearest police station.

"They are almost exclusively 17 year old students from up to 15 schools in the Auckland region. Those who are uncooperative or who have perhaps more sinister motives are still being investigated with a view to prosecution," Mr Watson said.

Lim has been remanded on bail and is due to reappear in the North Shore District Court on November 30.