Corrections bosses have stopped media personality Mikey Havoc from playing music to students as part of a community work sentence.

Havoc had successfully appealed to the Waitakere District Court to have parking fines of more than $20,000 converted into community work.

But the Department of Corrections reviewed the sentence after it emerged that Havoc - real name Michael Roberts - had arranged to do his DJing in the Auckland University quad through the student association.

The association owns campus radio station 95BFM, which overlooks the quad and employs Havoc as the breakfast DJ.

Corrections spokesman Lloyd Quartermaine said the department had cancelled the arrangement but refused to say why.

Havoc said he was "fine" with the decision and would meet Corrections this week to discuss how he would complete his sentence.

He also rejected suggestions the DJing was his idea, saying the inspiration came from the student association.

"As far as I know it was never going to be all DJing. What do you think? I'm going to sit there and DJ every day in the quad for three months? How ridiculous."

Anyone with large fines can apply to do volunteer community work in return for the fines being waived.

On the blog earlier in the week, Havoc rejected any suggestion his celebrity status helped get the fines wiped. "In fact the head of Waitakere Collections... came up to me AFTER the case was presented to the judge [and] asked for a signature for her daughter. Before that she had pretended to know nothing about what I did professionally or who I was."

Havoc wrote that he wanted the community work option because he couldn't afford to keep paying fines.

"I have paid thousands of dollars for parking fines. In fact it sickens me when I think of how much. Amazingly, being Mikey Havoc does not mean I'm living large with heaving pots of cash!"