Despite disappointment at losing the battle for the Green Party co-leadership, Sue Bradford has told her colleagues she intends to remain working as a member of Parliament.

Ms Bradford left the Greens conference soon after the announcement was made that Metiria Turei was elected the party's new female co-leader to replace Jeanette Fitzsimons.

The pair had heard the results of the election together with the other caucus members there before it was announced to the party's members at the conference.

The male co-leader, Russel Norman, said Ms Bradford had made it clear she would stay on as an MP.

"She's still got a lot of work to do, as do the Green Party as a whole."
Ms Turei said Ms Bradford's role as an MP was critical to the party.

"She is the best backbencher Parliament has seen in a number of years. Her work record and her extensive work with poverty, with children, with keeping children safe from violence is second to none. We are extremely privileged to have her working in Parliament with us."

Ms Turei said she did not intend to make radical changes to the party.
"It's a new face and new energy but the same cause and values. I guess I represent in many ways the changing face of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Green Party has always been at the cutting edge of new political landscapes and that's part of it. It's a reflection of how the party and politics is changing."

She did not know how much she had won by and had not asked.
Dr Norman said it capped off a strong week for the Green Party, following on from the announcement of the home insulation fund it had secured from the National Party.

He said the co-leadership battle had taken place "very respectfully" and he worked with Ms Turei very well.

Ms Fitzsimons also welcomed the appointment, saying Dr Norman and Ms Turei would make a strong team for the party.

"Metiria is very smart, she's very courageous, she has shown a lot of leadership skills, she's funny, she's fun to be with and she thinks long term."

She said she would be talking to Ms Bradford soon to emphasise how highly valued she was by the caucus and Green membership.

"It's always sad when you have a contest and both people can't win. Nobody goes through a contest like this without feeling disappointed they don't win. But Sue is a very mature and professional person and I have no doubt she will be bouncing back and right into the Parliamentary debates again next week."