Auckland provincial rugby rep Simon Munro was in a group of four taxi passengers accused of attacking the Sikh driver and removing his turban.

Jarnil Sandhu, who works for Auckland Co-op Taxis, was beaten up by four men he drove from Herne Bay to Emily Place in Auckland city on Saturday night.

The men refused to pay and punched him to the ground and removed his turban, which was humiliating for a Sikh.

TV3's Campbell Live reported tonight that one of the men in the taxi cab was Auckland rugby player, Simon Munro.

Mr Sandhu alleges that Munro - who turned 21 last Friday - was one of the men who attacked him.

Munro's lawyer said it was not his client who hit Mr Sandhu but one of the other men in the cab.

Auckland Rugby chief executive officer Andy Dalton told Campbell Live he had only learned of the alleged incident and until he knew more it would not be inappropriate to comment.

"However, if what I hear is true then I am quite appalled."

Munro, a winger, made his debut for Auckland last year in the Air New Zealand Cup.