Paul Henry angered TVNZ viewers with his antics on Breakfast this week when he insulted a guest speaker and implied that she had a moustache.

Anti-nuclear campaigner Stephanie Mills appeared on the show to speak about the compensation awarded to victims of French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Henry then proceeded to read out several readers' comments despite pleas from co-host Alison Mau and his producers.

"Shall I read these out? They're a bit iffy," he said.

"Everyone in my ear is saying 'don't read it out'."

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Mau tried unsuccessfully to dissuade Henry and bowed her head as he began to read the first letter.

"I have no idea what Stephanie Mills was thinking going on telly with that enormous moustache. Wax is cheap, you know," Henry read out.

He continued in this vein for some time, adding his own comments.

"That was a moustache on a lady," he said. "People can say what they see, it's just television isn't it?"

Mau tried to change the subject several times - "I'm having nothing to do with this" - but Henry continued to talk over her.

She eventually managed to move on to another topic and the show cut to an ad break.

Reader complaints poured in and were later read out. One called Henry "arrogant", another "tactless" and one "insensitive".

One reader pointed out that women who suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome or Cushing's disease experienced growth of facial hair for medical reasons.

However, several responses on the Breakfast feedback forum praised Henry for his sense of humour.