David Bain's 111 emergency call to Ambulance officer Thomas Dempsey on the morning that five of his family members were found shot in the Bain family home was played to the court yesterday.

Bain: They're all dead, they're all dead.

Dempsey: Who's that?

Bain: They're all dead. I came home and they're all dead.

Dempsey: Whereabouts are you?

Bain: Every St

Dempsey: [In-audible] Every St?

Bain: 65 Every St. They're all dead.

Dempsey: Who's all dead?

Bain: My family, they're all dead, hurry up.

Dempsey: Every St, that runs off Somerville St?

Bain: Yes

Dempsey: The number you're calling from?

Bain: 454

Dempsey: 454?

Bain: 527

Dempsey: 527

Bain: Yes

Dempsey: And your last name?

Bain: Bain

Dempsey: Bain. OK, we're on our way. OK, sir? We'll be there very shortly.