Key Points:

Now could be the perfect time to start dreaming about what you could do with $30 million.

The Lotto Powerball draw is guaranteed to be won by at least one person tonight. But the chances of taking home the prize are slim - calculated to be one in 38 million.

Lotteries Commission spokeswoman Karen Jones says there have been queues of people in Lotto shops all week. She says they are expecting to sell more than last week's total of 2.5 million tickets.

The commission offers financial advice to any winner who wants it.

Lotto Powerball rules state that when the jackpot reaches $30 million it must be won.

If there is no division one winning selection in Lotto Powerball tonight, the rules stipulate the division one prize pool must be added to the prize pool for the next lowest prize division with one or more winning selections.