Key Points:

The Warehouse has pulled four products from its shelves in the wake of the melamine contamination scandal.

It says it made the decision after a review of all Chinese-made food products it stocked.

The company said in a statement that it has been working closely with the Food Standards Authority for several days, and had provided the authority with a complete list of food lines that it imports from China.

There were 143 items on the list that contained milk, and all have now been carefully checked, it says.

The Warehouse says food safety assurances have been sought from the relevant suppliers and there is no evidence the products contain melamine. It describes removing the items - confectionary and biscuit products - as "a precautionary measure".

Independent tests of the products are also being carried out.

The four products are: Cherir I Love You Choco Rose 20g, OREO wafer sticks 10 pack individually wrapped sticks, Mr Mallow party pack 250g, Au Some mini frooze pop with sauce 26g sour (apple, caramel, strawberry, chocolate).

Customers who have bought these products can return them to any Warehouse store for a full refund.