Key Points:

A chiropractor has been recommended to apologise to a woman patient who suffered a stroke after he treated her.

In a report released today, Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Rae Lamb said the 33-year-old woman, known as Mrs A, had been suffering from headaches for two and a half months.

She visited the chiropractor, Mr B, on four occasions.

On her fourth trip, after Mr B had manipulated her back and neck, she left feeling dizzy, losing some of her short term memory and saw dots in front of her eyes.

In her evidence the woman said although she signed a waiver warning that patients could suffer adverse affects from the treatment, she felt bullied into getting the treatment and did not fully understand the consequences.

The chiropractor said he felt he had provided Mrs A with the appropriate standard of care.

Ms Lamb recommended the chiropractor write the woman an apology letter, ensure his consultations were legible and appropriately documented, and develop a policy on monitoring clients after their necks and backs had been manipulated.