Key Points:

Party pills have been banned. Parliament has passed an amendment to the Misuse of Drug Act which classifies the key ingredient of party pills as a Class C Drug.

It makes it illegal to possess, sell, buy, import, or manufacture benzylpiperazine or phenylpiperazine.

There will be a six month amnesty from when the law comes into effect, which will allow people to have five grams of the drug in their possession without committing a criminal offence.

MPs voted 109 to 11 in favour of the law with the Green Party, ACT and the Maori Party voting against it. Green MP Metiria Turei says Mr Anderton and the Government are going back to old failed policies of the past by choosing prohibition as an option.

She says regulation and tighter controls would be a better option and Mr Anderton has failed the community in not considering it as option.

Ms Turei says its disgraceful behaviour and the Minister has abdicated his responsibilities.

- Newstalk ZB