Key Points:

A man killed in a Waikato car crash yesterday was a convicted kidnapper and rapist, who New Zealand First leader Winston Peters called on the Government to deport four years ago.

Hasan Ahmed Shaqlane, 35, was killed in a car crash on SH3 early yesterday 2km from Kihikihi, near Te Awamutu.

He was the sole occupant of a southbound Honda Integra that collided with a northbound truck during an overtaking manoeuvre.

In August 2000 Shaqlane, a Somalian refugee, was sentenced to eight years jail for the rape and kidnap of a Hamilton woman. At the time, Immigration officials said his status would be reviewed when he came out of jail and deportation was "highly likely".

However, in 2003, Mr Peters was incensed when a Deportation Review Tribunal upheld an appeal by Shaqlane against deportation.

Mr Peters said New Zealand had become an "international garbage dump" for individuals such as Shaqlane, which no other countries would touch. He arrived in NZ in 1996 from a Somali refugee camp.