Key Points:

An extensive search at the Ports of Auckland has failed to find any more of the potentially disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquitoes, Biosecurity New Zealand says.

Alarm bells rang after a single mosquito was caught in a trap at the port's Shed 8 on March 1 and was confirmed as an asian tiger mosquito five days later.

The discovery led to the launch of an extensive detection programme by the Ministry of Health's mosquito surveillance programme to ensure no more of the mosquitoes existed.

The male mosquito is capable of spreading many serious human diseases, including dengue fever, yellow fever and various types of encephalitis.

Biosecurity New Zealand response manager Sonya Bissmire said the work involved removing or treating mosquito habitat in a 1km radius from the find including receptacles which stored water for long periods and sumps beneath the city.

A large number of mosquito traps were deployed in the area and monitored regularly for mosquito larvae, she said.

"During this time no more asian tiger mosquitoes were detected, and we're confident that a population has not established."

Ms Bissmire thanked the help from the public in reporting suspected mosquitoes in the area.

People should continue to report nuisance biting mosquitoes to the Ministry of Health's hotline -- 0800 MOZZIE, she said.