Key Points:

The fashion label which produced a T-shirt range to raise money for Auckland's Starship children's hospital is also selling kid's tees emblazoned with "Future Porn Star".

The porn star tees are part of a World line which also includes the slogans "Parents are Boring" and "I have Issues". They sell for $45.

Last year World produced a line for Starship Foundation, a charity which supports Starship Children's Hospital, which sold through The Warehouse for $15 each. Each sale raised $5 for the foundation.

Starship Foundation chief executive Andrew Young told NZPA the Starship tees had been successful and the campaign had drawn comments nationwide.

"We were absolutely thrilled with that project," he said.

"The new tee shirts have no connection to Starship whatsoever."

World had supported the Starship Foundation for about 10 years, Mr Young said.

"I've got no knowledge of the (porn star) tee shirts ...

"We'll need to assess this and talk to World about it."

World designer Francis Hooper defended the porn star tee, telling the Herald on Sunday: "It's an adult purchase for children.

"As a fashion designer I'm being humorous and irreverent."

But Stop Demand spokeswoman Denise Ritchie saw nothing humorous about it, saying it was irresponsible and World needed to grow up.

A lot of "creepy" men found such images arousing, she told the newspaper.

"There are these sorts of creepy individuals in the community and they will be looking at young children wearing these T-shirts, thinking of these sorts of images."

Clinical psychologist and clinical manager at Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Kathryn McPhillips said the tee was not harmless fun as it almost invited adults to see children sexually.

Mr Hooper said only about three of the tees had sold.

"You can say Francis admits it was a dud."