Key Points:

Bono set it free and now it's up for grabs again - to the highest bidder.

Closing Friday night's U2 concert with the song Kite, Bono released a colourful bird kite into the Auckland night sky, attached to two large, black helium balloons.

But the kite only made it to the edges of Mt Smart stadium before one lucky fan managed to catch the soaring bird, which is now up for auction on TradeMe.

Inspired by Bono's strong philanthropic values, Tauranga resident Claire Keam has decided to auction the kite and donate the profits to charity.

Keam has yet to decide which charity will benefit from the auction, but is considering Oxfam, of which Bono is a fervent supporter.

The auction has reached $300 so far, but has not yet reached the reserve price. The auction will run until next Tuesday, December 5.