Serving customers in a shop on Blenheim Road in Christchurch, we heard a huge noise and thought at first it was an earthquake as the low hanging lights shook, but stopped, so figured it wasn't an earthquake. The noise seemed to echo through the shop as it is a very high ceiling, and a very big shop. It sounded like something had crashed onto the roof of the building. Shortly after that, a fire engine went past with its siren blaring, but no other emergency services. VERY freaky experience.
- Jane

I saw this meteorite looking south from the top floor of an office building on Molesworth St, Christchurch. Would have been about 2.50pm. It appeared as a bright object streaking through the sky low to the horizon at an angle greater than 45 degrees. Very cool.
- Nick Davis

I live in Rolleston and heard a massive boom, it rattled my windows. I thought a plane had crashed but saw no smoke, it was frightening. After it sounded like a roar that slowly died down.
- Marian Parkin

We were driving from Hawera to Wellington this morning, and around 9.15am (if I remember correctly), we saw a meteor - a red fireball and then a white trail in the sky in front of us (the sky was crystal clear and blue)- the direction was about South East. I commented to my husband that we hadn't heard the sonic boom like we had when the meteor struck a few years ago around Maxwell, so it looks like the folks in Canterbury had that pleasure.
- Wendy

I heard the sonic boom. I was outside at the time. It was a very loud boom & the rumble rolled on for quite a long time after. At first I thought it might be an earthquake, & waited for the earth to start shaking. I looked around the sky to see if I could see anything, but didn't.
- Nicki Pullan

Just on 3pm today, I heard two sonic booms, so close together as to be almost one followed by a rumbling sound like thunder and a sound like the air was being torn. It made my house vibrate and the windows rattle. My window actually flexed with the force of the shock wave. Car and house alarms went off in the neighbourhood of Burnside (west Christchurch). I realised it was a meteorite strike as we have no aircraft in New Zealand capable of supersonic speed and it's illegal to go supersonic over a city anyway.
- Nyree Burt

With regards to the large boom in Christchurch this afternoon. I was sitting at my desk working and the noise started and sounded like an earthquake initially. I looked to see if anything was shaking but it wasn't. The noise sounded like a jet rumbling by way to low with a loud boom. Carried on for about three seconds I would suggest.
- David Hiatt

I work in the Christchurch CBD, and I heard a very, very loud bang this afternoon. It sounded like a plane crash right above our heads. It shook our building, and sounded like something bad had happened. Apparently it was a meteorite that crashed in Ashburton.
- A Harris

I heard the noise while sitting inside on the computer in the Richmond suburb. I first thought that something was sliding on the roof and then there was a loud bang. I went straight outside thinking a tree branch had fallen on the roof. No such luck but there were aircraft flying around. Came inside and thought that I was losing my marbles. Thanks for reporting it as put my mind at ease.
- Craig.

We felt and heard a massive bang or boom come from above and over us, we are located on the hills in the Christchurch Redcliffs area, felt like a bomb.
- Grant

Yep - heard the boom just before 3pm... reports on local radio suggest meteorites seen in Hinds and Culverden areas. Eye witnesses report seeing burning objects in the sky - bright red and with smoke trailing behind - and debris landing in paddocks. The noise brought a large number of people out of their offices as everyone tried to figure out what had crashed nearby, the bang was that big with good rumble & shake afterwards!
- Kris

After the boom, my office windows at Axon were shaking and I saw streaks of light, like something falling from the sky and breaking up. I could see where it landed to the north. somebody must have a giant burning gaping hole somewhere. Somebody must!
- Robyn Dolamore

Just letting you now - I too heard this. Am in Redwood, Christchurch and it "felt" very low and was powerful enough to shake ground, and rattle garage door. Thought at first a big plane had gone down. Sound seemed to come from the West, booming over the city, and then heading East.
- David Mainprize

I live in Diamond Harbour and I was shaken by the VERY loud explosion at about 2.55 pm today 12th Sep 06. My windows rattled and it is possily the loudest bang I have ever heard. I would like to know what it was.
- Alan Phillips

We are located in Sockburn (Christchurch) and felt the building shake and heard the boom - we thought a car had driven into the building it was so strong! This was just before 3pm.
- Andrew

I was sitting at home in my office when I heard this mighty sonic boom which shook the entire house (I reside in Hoon Hay, Christchurch) and rattled the roof, whatever it was almost blew the windows in. My first thought was that a jetliner had crashed nearby but I could not see any smoke however as I looked outside towards North Canterbury this puff of white smoke and trail of light cough my attention, about 2-3 km North of me right above the city at about 10,000 ft of altitude.
- Kelly Perazzolo

A dome object like it was silver grey in colour . It appeared instantly a large boom then it simply disappeared.
- Warren

I was sitting in an office under the Christchurch international airport terminal. I heard a boom immediately followed by a shockwave which shook the airport terminal and seemed to travel from one end of the terminal to the other. The roof of an adjacent hangar was seen shaking as well.
- Michael

Yes, I heard it and felt it! It sounded like a huge explosion - a massive boom of explosive thunder, rattling on for a few seconds - followed by a continuing scream like a jet plane. The house shook and the windows rattled. Not like an earthquake - there was no continuation of the shaking. But the noise continued for several seconds. I actually looked out the window towards the airport expecting to see a billowing cloud of smoke rising from it. (We live very close to the airport in Hyde Park, Avonhead, Christchurch.) It certainly set my heart pounding for a few minutes, especially being so close to the 9-11 anniversary.
- Diane Browning

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