Timothy Selwyn, 32, was jailed for ' />

An Auckland man involved in an axe attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark's electorate office was today jailed.

Timothy Selwyn, 32, was jailed for two months for sending a document which was seditious - inciting rebellion against the state - and for conspiring to commit wilful damage.

An axe was embedded in Helen Clark's Auckland electoral office window in November 2004.

Selwyn said his actions were in protest at the Government's foreshore and seabed legislation, which he said was being rushed through Parliament.

During his trial he admitted "having a hand" in the creation of two separate statements claiming responsibility for the axe attack and calling for others to commit acts of civil disobedience.

The jury found the material in the second statement, which called for "like-minded New Zealanders to take similar action of their own" to be seditious.

Selwyn was jailed for a further 15 months by Auckland District Court this morning on dishonesty charges, including obtaining passports, birth certificates, benefits and four Inland Revenue Department numbers under the names of dead people.

The sentences are to be served one after the other.

Selwyn was found guilty by a jury last month of the sedition charge. He had admitted all the other accusations.