A children's entertainer has pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act in his car after a day spent juggling and riding unicycles at an Auckland playground.

Vincent Rowe, 45, of Glen Eden, was discovered by a member of the public masturbating at the One Tree Hill Domain last July. He was parked overlooking the playground after performing for children.

Rowe pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour in the Auckland District Court this week and was remanded for a probation officer's report and sentencing in June. Part of his bail requirements are that he cannot work as a children's performer.

Rowe, a sickness beneficiary with a history of mental illness, has made a career of children's performances.

"It helps my depression to know I can bring joy to others. I'm a good entertainer," Howe told the Herald on Sunday.

But other professional children's entertainers call him a journeyman street performer with no credibility.

"He's the sort of guy that gives us all a bad, bad name," said Layo Hommel, aka Oki Doki the Clown.

Rowe said he did not have any sexual interest in children: "I was not focussing on the children. I was looking at some women."

Rowe said he suffered from depression and had been at a low ebb that day. "I was having difficulties which I have overcome."

After the incident Rowe sought help at the Grow mental health service and continues to seek help for his problems. He said he would like to perform for children again but is unsure if he will ever be able to.