The extreme right-wing National Front says it is backing New Zealand First in the election campaign.

"National and Labour are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. We are backing the policies of New Zealand First or the Direct Democracy Party (DDP)," new national director Sid Wilson said today.

The DDP is a fringe party which is contesting the election with 32 candidates on its list.

The National Front is not contesting the election because it did not get its documentation ready in time.

"We just had upheavals this year which meant we didn't get organised," Mr Wilson said.

The National Front has had its political aspirations stymied before by an inability to meet the 500-membership minimum required of political parties.

Mr Wilson said the Front would not be backing National's bid for the government benches, despite its recent strong showing on Treaty of Waitangi issues.

He said the Front was not a white supremacist organisation but added: "Multiculturalism will destroy the white race. And that's genocide."

- nzpa