2.30pm: Thanks to all of you who have sent us emails to post on this page - at last count more than 450 messages about New Zealanders who were in London at the time of yesterday's bomb attacks. Now that the immediate danger appears to have passed, we will not be posting any further messages, but the email link at the bottom of this page will remain open for anyone wishing to contact our news desk.

- the nzherald.co.nz news team


Looking for Marc Medhurst.. want to make sure you are ok. I'm worried about you.


- Natalie


Melanie Brown, Rachel Carter & Clara Sands are all safe & well. Tracey Eagle please contact me to let me know you are ok?!

- Lisa Sands


Just informing all friends and family of Gus Sione and Anyta, Doris Ta'ala and Sua Segi - that they are safe and well in London and UK and they thank you for your concern.

- Murray Vaueli


We are OK!

- Alexei M & Lianne C


Lyndon and Miriam Drake are fine. From Lyndon's website, arotau.com "Miriam and I are both fine, as are all the friends we've been in contact with. Mim was about to catch the tube to church shortly after the bombs went off (which of course she didn't know about), and ended up going on a bus instead after finding the tube closed. I was at work, and saw the news fairly early on."

- Rosie


Has anyone heard from Nickala Geddes? Works in London at Covent Gardens Hotel

- Sheridan Cameron


In case you are wondering, I was not caught up in the train and bus explosions this morning, everything went off about 10mins after I left the tube, basically network shut down as multiple stations suffered explosions as yet the cause not confirmed, buses have now blown up (3 at the moment) - so I can only assume terrorists. Anyway Im surrounded by sirens, police, ambulances etc near our buildings, quite a few now evacuated, all a bit scary, many people at work were in the tube when it stopped, people fainting etc not nice. Markets in turmoil so I have my hands full, it now just over 2hrs after the incident.....and Im supposed to be having a party tonight??

- Nic Lincoln


Adam Dixon, Claire Byrom, Rachel Hart, Manda Ward and Jacquie Pierson are all ok. Thanks for the message Em, good luck on the walk home!

- Courtney Gallagher


Molly Hoeburgen ,Its Kelly im getting worried contact me A.S.A.P (hope you are ok Geekahontis)

- Kelly


Cameron Mitchell is ok. Heard from him this morning and he is safe thank god.

- Lara Harrison


Ursula McMillan. Ursula,please let me know when you can that you are ok, my thoughts are with you at this devastating time.

- Terri Purchase, Auckland


For Melanie & Thomas McFarlane. Hi guys, Sent you an email this morning Mel not sure if you rec'd it but just wanted to make sure you, Tom and the kids are safe and well. Our prayers are with you. Lots of love

- Jules Stephenson


Ben, Gail, David, Andrea and Molly Hood, Phil Flanagan all fine. Spoke to David, Ben and Gail last night (10.30) and all the above are fine an accounted for.

- Kathy Hood


Phillip & Louise Kay. Wondering if you are all Ok. Please email.

- Bernie Kay


Tracy Powell is safe and well in London. She was at work when the bomb went off.

- Melissa Irvine


Thanks for all your emails concerned for Bronywn Parker and Phillip Johnson. Both had left London and were in Germany. Cameron Padfield and Emma are both fine as well.

- Toni Lithgow


Ben and Tanzi Hume are safe and well. Currently on holiday in Spain with Aaron and Sarah. All ex Canterbury uni.

- Judy Hume


Looking for Emma Burstall. Wondering if you're okay.

- Pam


I'm wanting to check that Kate Leary of Auckland is ok. Please let me know.

- Meredith Donnelly


Hi de hi, Has anyone heard or seen Mellisa Moore - teacher based in London...any info on whether she is Ok would be cool...her friends back in NZ (Julie, John,Brenda and Fintan) want to know if she's in one piece!! Thanks.

- Julie Worthington


Nicole Lovesy and Matt Chandler are safe but a bit shaken, Nicole was halfway to work on the tube and just about to change trains near Liverpool St when they shut down the underground, had a long walk home but thankfully she is alright. My sympathies and thoughts go out to the families of those injured.

- Arlene Lovesy


Hey, Kelly in New Zealand here. If Ben Mcbride or anyone who knows Ben Mcbride from new zealand and his girlfriend Jane from Auzzie can you let me know if he is ok. Thanks

- Kelly McLay


Just to let you know that Richard B is ok... had a tex from him this morning... wasnt far from where it happened, but safe and sound.

- Shana


Hi, I'm looking for the whereabouts of William and Annie Uelese who are based in London. If anyone knows could you please contact me or get them to get in touch with their family.

- Moana Kilmartin


Kasia Ciszak. Are you OK buddy? Am really worried. If anyone else has heard from her please let me know she is alright!

- Angela


Katie Truesdale of christchurch and Ryan Baynes & Crew of Wellington are all ok.

- A.Harris


Hey is Campbell Martell (or anyone who knows him out there), OK? Hope you and your wife and baby are OK...please get in touch so we know you are OK.

- Blair Turner


Has anyone heard from ex-AUT journalsim student Karl Puschmann or ex-AUT visual arts student Chloe Rice? Please post on message board if anyone knows. Cheers.

- Lucy Arthur


Delacey family. Hi Malia and Aaron and boys. hoping you are all safe and well, thinking of you all...and hope to hear from you soon..lossaluv Theresa and Jai

- Theresa


Any news on Dale Yare and her partner, Adam. Holler back guys. Stefan in Japan

- Stefan Butler


Has anyone heard from Daniel Wootton to make sure hes ok?. Cheers.

- Tamati (Tarm) Heraud


Cara Phillips ex Onewhero (EGG school), South Auckland is safe after her recent arrival in London. She was on the tubes at the time of the bombings. Thinking of you all in London.

- Uncle Paul


Ben and Mellissa Fahey, Liz Russell, Clapham Kiwis, Sarah Kenny, Steve Pascoe. Please shout back and let me know you're all safe. Thoughts go out to everyone in London at this time...Heard that Callum Bruford and Gareth Keene are safe...Stefan in Japan

- Stefan Butler


Donna Agnew, email & let me know you're all good!! Hoping you are...Love Sabrina

- Sabrina


Tracey Bothwell: Hi just checking that you are okay. I am sure last time you were in Scotland. Please let me know how you are and I am hoping that you are safe. Thinking of you and your friends.

- Lily Platt


Had a text from Angela Kearns this morning and she's OK - just in case anyone else is wondering about her and hasn't heard from her directly. Still wondering about Janna Aso and Karen George....please check in guys.....lots of love,

- Judith Taylor


Hi everyone, just letting you know Forrest Rees contacted home last night and is safe and well! Nick Perry has also contacted me to say he is safe too! Thank God!

- Jo Rees


Hi Guys. I tried calling you last night. Please let me know you fine. Thanks.

- Monica King


Steve Vernon, let us all know if you and Sally are ok. James V

- James Vernon


Rangaiti Te Whata. Are you all right? We are worried you.

- Lorraine Fairest


Hoping to hear from my sister Trish Veivers who is visiting from Cairns. Are you OK?

- Christine Stitt


hey peeps, i'm aok. some pretty crazy stuff going on over here. a bus blew up 800metres from my work. am about to start my 2hr walk home! because there's no public transport.love u, em

- Emma Bull


In response to Tracey Elders message: Liz Arthur is ok - we talked to her last night. She narrowly avoided being on the tube yesterday morning.

- Michael Arthur


Lucas, if you see this call your mother to tell her you and your friends are o.k. Love you....take care. Aunty June

- June Tipoki


Selina Rowe, Amy McTague, Brett Hanrahan and Sarah Blake are all fine.

- Ellen Clare


If anyone knows if Tom Tamati living in Brockley, London is ok could you please let me know. Also Vanessa Tenbroeke and Selena Malcolm. Thanks,

- Lisa-Maree


Seeking Mark Hedley, ex-Wellington. Mark if you're reading this - send me an email to kate_klarwill@hotmail.com. If anyone knows of Mark - just tell him to email me okay - bit worried. Sure he's fine, but would rather know for certain.

- Kate


Jo (ex Wellington and Ashburton) is safe and well. Works not far from Russell Sq but didn't get caught up in it.

- Sarah Crum


Zoe and flatmates are all safe, I spoke to her this morning, she started work early. My thoughts and prayers to all in London particularly family and friends of those caught in the explosions.

- Michele Parsons


Rory and Bede McCarthy are both safe, well and not near the explosions.

- Charlotte


Ellen (kiwi) and Nigel (Eng) hope you are both OK. Very concerned. Ellen please email me.

- Sarah S


Phillipa Keast and Matt Dalton, hope you are okay! Also Ali Todd, not sure it you are in London yet but hope you are okay too. Thinking of everyone over there caught up in the tragic events. Jen xx

- Jennifer Paterson


Bruce, Gabrielle and Sophia Swain are all OK, Kelly Hartstone is also OK.

- Sam Swain


Tim Evans and his brother Andrew are both alive and well in their respective parts of London.

- Sonia Yoshioka-Carroll


I am Kosovar Albanian. My brother is UK citizen Berat Gashi but after the blast happen in london since morning of thursday we have no any news about him.

- Burim Gashi


Theresa Bater of Wellington and Ben and Chiana Sherwood of Auckland, are you okay (has anyone else heard?) Daniel Rust is okay, his father Donald contacted him last night.Love and prayers for everyone affected.

- Rachel Bartells (nee Trott)


Hi there Heath Williamson. Please get in touch with Bonny or Crazy Chris B asap. Need to know that you are okay. Love

- Bonny


Hi guys. Lisa & Paul Sanhdu. Has anyone heard if Lisa, Paul, Alice and Isabell are ok? Please let me know.

- Krissy in Sydney


Hi Ange, I didn't know you were in london, Call me I'm glad you are safe, It seems so many miles away from the body shop Queen Street, Glad to know you are safe. Debz

- Deborah Grace


Hi, just checking if the ex Howick college crowd over there are ok.Cath Cowan, Pam Hardisty, Shannon Lindsay, Jeremy o Hare, Alastair Jackson (still in uk?)kATRINA fRITH (MAIDEN NAME) ANY OTHERS OVER THERE i DONT KNOW WHOS STILL THERE.hOPE YOU ARE ALL OK and have let family know.Liz

- Liz Carroll


Helen Mackeson,Shirley Morgan and Michelle Boyd are all ok, and have gotten in touch with family and friends. Our thoughts go out to all the families who are involved. And where are you Jon Briggs.

- Rose Taylor


Amanda and Phil Bates are safe and sound. Phil took the early train this morning.

- Nadine


Linda is fine, Sally-Ann is in France at the moment. Catherine and Simon Knox, Paige Howard-Smith and Bryce Rodgers are all fine. Briar Smurthwaite and Geoff Webster are travelling and are fine. Much love and hugs too all.

- Kirsten Peddie


Kelly Marshall just want to know your ok. Jills not answering her phone so my mums not sure!

- Vanessa Jones


Hello Friends and Family, Colleen and Graham Averell are fine/shocked. Thanks to my Wife and Son for changing my routine. The last 8 months been getting into Aldgate via Kingscross at around 8:50am on a normal day. My wife just gone back to work this week part time after maternity leave. I've been getting up eariler to help ready our son and now travel into Kingcross with her on an earlier train and getting into Aldgate at 8:20am. When I say my wife has gone back to work part-time. She has organise having each Thursday off. On her day off I follow my old routine. Lucky for me last week my wife got a phone call from a health visitor making an oppointment for our Son the Wednesday. So my wife swapped her day off. I followed my old routinue on the Wednesday and not on Thursday when I would have been in the vicinity of Aldgate at the time of the Attacks. Sympathy to those not as fortunate.

- Graham Averell


Hi Liz McCracken - hope you are fine, email me, take care

- Natasha Lynch


Have heard from those living in London and am happy to report that Janine Baker and partner Paul, Simon and Jillian Cambridge and Nicole Turner are all safe. Love you guys - come home soon!

- Wendy Baker


Looking for information on Nigel Webster, Anna Thompson, Chris Brown, Sara Murray and her hubbie, Emma Candy and her partner Thomas Mortadah. My brother Clinton Hall is also looking for Vinay and Richard - ex Edgewater College.

- Meidyschka Hall


Hi All. we are home safely, we both work just outside the centre of London so weren't directly involved in the blasts. Gavin works outside the M25, but my office is right outside the Coke and Disney London HQ's so we were quickly evacuated when the news broke. Our company MD got everyone in the office together and worked out who had cars, who was driving who home so we all made it back safely, there are 5 kiwi's two aussies and one south african in the office, we're all OK! thanks for all the kind wishes from back home, It's given us all one hell of a scare, it was always a matter of 'when' rather than 'if' this was going to happen. Love always and be safe, Debz & Gavin

- Deborah & Gavin Grace


Matt Morton was in london all wed but back in Oxford for thursday. so he is ok.

- Roger Morton


Kiwi and Angelei Marshall. Are you OK?

- Charmaine


Thank you so much Dion and Kylie for having the forethought to post your message. We were worried and now can rest knowing you are both safe. Dad

- Peter Collier


Trivinia Wagstaff can you please call and let me no all is ok.

- Carol


John and Rachel glad to see you are ok! Much love, Binny and Mark.

- Bernadette and Mark Orman


Would like to find out if Shan'on Pereira is ok - she's staying with Jessica & Damien in London(?) They are all from Auckland. Please contact your family we're really worried about you. Love you.

- Tasha


Dad, Matt and I are concerned for you and Elaine. Please confirm you are both safe and well.

- Nick Short


Rebecca phoned last night, 07/07 11:30pm to say that she was okay and still at work in London. Colin is at home and is okay.

- Vicky McLeod


Helen and David Joyce are both safe in London and all of their friends over there are also safe and well.

- Joe Joyce


Wilson Tawhiti and Nicki Sandifer are both okay and have a long walk home.

- Betty Masterson


I am wanting to hear any word from my friend Eleni Kazaglis originally from Sydney, Australia. She is living in London and I have had no word as of yet. El, if you see this please text or email me to let me know you're ok...

- Sarah


I'm looking for Francella Melaine Siteine. Where are you? I'm scared.

- Tanya Pearson


To our friends & family in NZ & elsewhere, we are both fine and together. Our thoughts are with those more closely involved with these atrocious incidents. For those that know us, all our friends in the London area are also okay.

- Jonathan Cutler and Rachel Beer


Mark Alexander (ex Pukekohe, living in Cambridge, working in London)is safe. He missed the Liverpool & Algate blasts by 5 mins thank God.

- Paul


Just want to check that Nick & Claire Hyde are okay. If anyone can let us know that would be great. Thinking of you all over there. Take care.

- Maff & Suzy


I'm looking for Francella Melaine Siteine. Please contact me so I know your safe. I'm scared!

- Tanya Pearson


Luka Whetu Salmon, Are you OK! Hows your mum & dad! Please contact home ASAP to let us know you all OK! from THE BOYS!! and family in NZ!!

- Craig Fasi


If anyone knows how Liz Arthur is could they post it on the message board.

- Tracey Elder


Would love to hear from my sister Melita-Maree Walton and her husband Mark. I have no idea where you are, and just need a quick post to let me know you are both safe. Lots of love XXX

- Rebecca Siataga


Just spoke to Liv from the US. She is fine and apparantly all the Maori crew she knows about are safe.

- Elana Curtis


The Bagel Sisters, Sarah, Kristin and Claire Hawken, and Patrick Burns are all safe in London.

- Kevin Hawken


Just letting everyone know that Sandra Brady and her family are all ok, I managed to get through to her early this morning. Also Nancy Brown from Gisbourne and Vaughan Brown from Pukekohe are also safe. - Thinking of you guys, Sarah xx

- Sarah Mortensen


Hi all, Just to let you know that all of us (friends and family) are ok in London. Nothing to worry about. The bomb happened in front of Jerry's (my brother's) street. Neil heard the blast and saw the bus ripped up. Thankfully all of us left home early enough to work so we missed it. The blast was also in Kings Cross where we live. I thank God that friends and family are all ok.

- Joyce Lee


I love my little friends! Thanks for your messages on this scary day. Come & play with me soon - a few bombs won't stop us being together! Love you xxx

- Amy Anderson


Just to let everyone know that we have heard from Ruth & Jared Honore, Katie Harrington and Brendon - all safe and well, as is Pauline Tree.

- David Squire


Today I got to work about 8:45 am - 6 minutes before the first bomb went off at a station just outside the building I work in. I didn't hear or feel the explosion but some of my colleagues heard a bang and felt a tremor in the building. I didn't know anything was wrong until a colleague called and said she had to get off the tube because there had been a power cut affecting the whole network. Then we got an email from security saying that air vents had burst between Aldgate and Liverpool Street Station, possibly caused by a power surge. Across the floor, one of my colleagues said that there had been a bomb on a bus and it's then we started to realise that this was not just a power cut on the tube. More information continued to become available on Sky news and BBC about more explosions and the fact that it was being treated as a serious incident. I spoke to my colleague again who had been on her way to work. She had got on a bus, which was then evacuated and the bus driver had been told that "the centre of London is closed". She told me she would head home. Those of us at work were advised by security to stay in the building for our own safety. A few people were working, but for the most part, no-one was interested in working and all the computer monitors showed sky news or BBC. I called my Dad and sister quite early in the happenings and was able to tell them that I was okay. Then we were asked not to use the phone and the mobile service was not available. I sent and received many emails, checking that everyone was alright. Lots of friends were concerned about me as I live and work close to where an explosion happened. Seven people died in the explosion nearest my office. So far I have not heard of any friends or colleagues that have been injured in the disaster. The scene at the office was very calm. Everyone sat by their computer screens, making a few quiet calls or speaking in low voices in small groups. Occasionally someone would call out any news that they had heard. One man said he had heard that police marksmen had shot a potential suicide bomber at Canary Wharf but I haven't seen that reported by the news channel. Our HR department came around checking who was in and whether we had advised our friends and family that we were okay. Just before 4pm I started walking home with another colleague. Many streets were cordoned off as I live near the Royal London Hospital. Many people were leaving the city on foot and it was quite surreal, walking calmly home in the sunshine with many fellow Londoners walking quietly alongside us. When I got home I just lay on the couch watching the news, seeing the same information being shown over and over. It's hard to know what to feel. One thing I know is that although this is a horrible thing to happen I am glad the death toll is relatively low compared to New York (thousands of people) and even Madrid where 191 people died. I feel bad for the people who are still missing friends and family and for those who must be very scared if they were more directly involved. At the moment the report are that there were 4 explosions; 3 in underground stations and one on a bus. One of the most vivid images is the bus near Russel Square that has been ripped in two, with black debris splattered over buildings nearby. The number confirmed dead is 37 but this may increase as some news sources are saying it's 50. Certainly, hundreds if not over 1000 people have been injured. Well, I am not going to work tomorrow! I will do some work from home but I think it will be a slow day. Thanks to everyone who has emailed, called or texted to check that I am okay.

- Susan Percy


To our friends and family in NZ, we are both okay and at home. Our thoughts are with those more closely involved at this time.

- Jon and Rachel Brady


Sharon Bowden has contacted her family in NZ - she is safe and well in London and sends her love.

- Ann Brown


Karl and Bronny, get in touch if you can either by phone or by email.Am thinking of you all. Just let us know that you are okay.

- Karen O'connell


Friends of Donna Macarthur and Gavin Jones, and Darren and Kinga Hayman - they are all safe. Darren's train was one with a bomb on it, but he rode his bike to work yesterday.Our thoughts are with all Kiwis in London.

- Alison Turner


Just want to know if Kirsten & Nick Batcheler and the boys are OK? Please let me know. Our love is with you all.

- Neil and Cazz Stanley


We have heard from Leanne Too and Mark Hammond - they are safe.

- Belinda & Daniel Too


Rob and I are both safe. Were on different tubes at the time of the explosions this morning but thankful they were both the 'wrong' tubes. Were evacuated under the understanding of a 'major power failure' although it felt more serious as train lines were being suspended and my tube driver's instructions were nervous and quivery!

- Wendy Newlove


Fleur, Leonard and Nathan are all safe and well. We are in spain for the week, out of london. Anton Davie is in a hotel in London, close to one of the blasts but is well. Rowen Newman is at waterloo station last i heard via email said she was safe but cannot use mobile due to jammed networks. Looking to find her way back to Ascott. My love and prayers go out to all those affect by this terrible event. God Bless.

- Nathan Harraway


Just to let you know that I am fine, just completely freaked out as I was on the train into Waterloo when it all happened. And to think I was meant to be at Wolburn Place in Russell Square today.

- Sarah Coulson


Just to let all those who have texed messages and tryed to phone me im fine and well. Thanks for caring! A day ill never forget. My phone has been down most of the day. KT xo

- Katie Martin


Mike and I are both and well and at home now for the night. Pretty tragic and eventful day here in London. All our friends here are safe so we are pretty relieved. Thanks for all the emails and text messages.

- Connie Sprague


Want to check that Alison Maxwell, is safe, please contact us! Let us know you are OK. Cheers, Cate

- Cate Fraser-Irwin


Please let me know if you're okay. Have phoned Sarah who says you're not hurt, but I nedd to hear from you. Love Jan

- Jan Gray


Hi Steven Your Mums worried sick .I Know it's really hard to call at the moment but if you could reply via e-mail that would be great .My thoughts are with you and sophie and only hope that you are both fine. Alison

- Colleen Johnston


To all of those I love and know at home in NZ - we are fine, thanks for all your love and thoughts you sent our way. As a Met Police Officer I have had a day I never want to repeat but applaud my colleagues for their professionalism and compassion. There is something nice about coming from a small country people forget exists. Luv Cush, Cam, Alika and Gavin

- Cushla Downie


Anne and Rob Summerfield, and William Lindesay. Please leave a message on this service to confirm you are all okay.

- Michelle Llewell


Just to add that Louise Yip and Roslyn Doney are also safe.

- Hilary Nicholl


Thanks for the message Raquel, we were all very worried about you and Steve. Please take care ! Yvonne & co at Invacare NZ.

- Yvonne Glidden