Kiwi rappers Home Brew arrived at the New Zealand Music Awards ready to act the goat - and they didn't disappoint.

The controversial rap group, who scored a No. 1 album this year thanks to their self-titled double album debut, walked the red carpet last night leading a goat and dressed like they were about to board Noah's Ark.

They were the most unique characters among a procession of Kiwi music stars to walk into the music awards, held at Vector Arena. But at one point they were forced to pause and apologise for their goat making a mess on the red carpet.

The goat was led away after the trio's red carpet appearance, and wasn't seen again at the awards.


But that didn't stop the band from launching into a heartfelt, if expletive-laden, speech that included at least four F-bombs and other expletives after winning the Tui for Best Hip-hop Group.

Band leader Tom Scott thanked "God, for not existing" and his dad before ending his speech by hitting out at Prime Minister John Key.

"I'd just like to thank the Prime Minister for selling all our shit for not supporting the working class ... You sell our shit John."

He was cut off by music before he could continue.

The night's major winner was Kimbra, with five awards including Album of the Year, and Six60, who took home six awards.