Key Points:

The final poll of the 2008 election is out and it shows National with a 7.5 per cent lead over Labour.

The Roy Morgan poll of more than 1000 electors shows National on 42 per cent - down one per cent - and Labout on 34.5 per cent - up 2.5 per cent.

The poll also showed the Greens at 10 per cent - down from its high of 11 per cent.

New Zealand First (4.5 per cent) and Act (4 per cent) do not quite make the five per cent threshold for party seats under MMP.

The poll was taken from October 20 to November 2, last Sunday, but was only released today.

Director Gary Morgan said in a press release: "In recent weeks the New Zealand Roy Morgan poll has shown a `tightening in the race' between the governing Labour Part led by Helen Clark and Opposition Leader John Key's National Party.

"Despite this, the National Party is still favoured to lead a coalition government with support from minor parties, Act, United Future and, perhaps the Maori party."

But he said that a rise in support for Labour would have give "real hope" to the party.

The last Roy Morgan poll in mid-October had National on 43 and Labour 32.

It comes after four other polls seem to point to National being well ahead.

They have opened a significant lead over Labour and its ally the Greens with a Fairfax Media survey this morning putting National on 49 per cent support and Labour on 31 per cent.

A New Zealand Herald poll showed the main parties closer together - National on 47.9 per cent and Labour on 36.4 per cent - but both surveys mean National would not need the Maori Party to hold a majority in Parliament.

Today's polls follow last night's TV One and TV3 surveys which also showed National and its allies with enough support to hold off Labour's challenge.

Key features in all four were a surge of support for the Greens and increased backing for the Act Party.