Stories making headlines across NZ at noon include an opera star revealing how she was bullied as a child, a dog abuser wanting to get off his sentence and why stealing from a Christian book store gets you in earthly trouble too.

Turns out the mother of the person "mercilessly" bullying singing sensation Elizabeth Marvelly at primary school had just been diagnosed with leukaemia and the bully had no outlet for her pain other than to inflict pain on others.

Apparently it is common for people to bully others through Twitter to get more followers.

After being convicted for starving his dog and unchaining it just a couple of times during a two-year-period, Phillip Warral Kahotea wants his community work sentence cancelled because it is it interfering with his full-time work.


Meanwhile the former manager of a Whangarei Christian store is accused of stealing from the store 42 times.

Whanananki School is a great school in the most magnificent setting unparalleled in the country, according to former student Winston Peters.

Maryanne Paul had been "blindspotted by the insidious evil of disseminating a poison into the lives of people".

Poacher Graham Colin Rangitaawa tried to argue it was his customary right to take toheroa without a permit.

A year after the All Blacks won the World Cup, Sir Graham Henry is deeply concerned.

Somebody torched a police car in Hamilton and another person uploaded a video of it on to YouTube.

The uploading of the video on the same night is also being investigated.

Meanwhile in the Ureweras, missing hunter Siow Hong Kuik, also known as Desmond, apparently may not realise he is lost. Douglas McGhie, however, did realise he was lost and snuggled up to his dogs to survive.

Avalanche City, OpShop, P Money and English rapper Example are set to play at the Waihi Beach Hotel over the holidays.

Tauranga police are seeking this man.

Five-months pregnant Jessica McMillan and her partner Matt Butler were watching a movie about 9.15pm when they heard an explosion outside. It is not a time for blame but a time for mourning, says the family of one of the dead.

A truck driver was found unconscious after he crashed through three properties in Havelock North.

Napier mum Marguerite Vujcich has won the South Island Bodyboarding Championships.

Over in Stratford, Collette saw a house that had a pile of firewood out getting wet, so she knocked on the door of the stranger and offered to help put it away.

A firebug may be on the loose in Wanganui.

The death of a 30-year-old woman at Castlecliff beach is not suspicious.

Greytown cops were surprised when a bloke in the receiving room chundered up $7000 worth of methamphetamine in a plastic bag.

Retired Masterton chemist Heaton Haglund has no recollection of writing a letter, joking that he must have been drunk or on medication.

In the worst earthquake-affected areas of Christchurch, residents have been linked to increased alcohol consumption and significantly higher levels of depression, acute stress and anxiety.

Meanwhile drunken late night revellers are continuing to test the patience of Christchurch police.

The signature of Sir Edmund Hillary has been rediscovered at Mid Canterbury's Double Hut.

The first time Billy will be legally able to drink alcohol is at a birthday party with Prince Charles.

Cyclist Hayden Roulston says Lance Armstrong was the best at everything, including doping.

While accounts manager at University of Otago, Graeme Jeffrey Pettitt, was always warning his team to look out for fraud.

Once upon a time all of Dunedin's vegetables were grown by Chinese market gardeners in Otago, but not anymore.

In Oamaru, luckily, the rural drink-drive team were right across the road when the Mini's engine ignited on the petrol-station forecourt.

The Taieri Gorge train will be bringing Dunedin residents and tourists to Oamaru on November 25 for a trial run.

Oamaru left such an impression on boy band Titanium that it features on one of their single covers.

Meanwhile some television owners on the West Coast are apparently stuck without TV after the digital switchover because they cannot afford the new equipment.

And the West Coast's new advertising slogan 'Just Add Water' is apparently not being widely applauded.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #R4TS, #Kaake, #debate, Romney, #SkyTitaniumFriday, #lead1201, #nowplaying, America, Facebook and New Zealand.