Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a bright red-green glow in the night sky, re-animated corpses who eat human flesh and their relation to brain injuries and home detention is apparently not all it is cracked up to be.

Sky watchers in New Zealand where the heavens were clear last night may have wondered what the bright red/green glow was in the sky.

How people can compare those with brain injury to imaginary reanimated corpses who eat human flesh is beyond Ms Robinson.

The ex-partner of the man dubbed the runaway millionaire, Kara Hurring, has given an interview from home detention on how hard it is.
Meanwhile a Maori boy from Tauranga will feature on the American reality television show of former rapper Ice T and his glamour model wife Coco.


Kevin Keith Sneddon racked up his eighth and ninth drink driving charges within three months.

The Nuns of the Unholy Disorder explain their origins.

Education Minister Hekia Parata should note Northland teachers risk being mocked if they say names incorrectly.

Molly Florence beat the fastest person on earth Usain Bolt out of the blocks. Meanwhile Mr Bolt is apparently not crash-hot at basketball under pressure. But Joseph Millar looks up to him.

Paddling with pods of dolphins, passing through the iconic Hole in the Rock and battling testing sea conditions and tiring muscles was all part of the voyage for these youngsters.

Parents and caregivers of young children living in Dargaville can now look up their child's health check records on the Internet.
Surf's up in Northland, dude.

Meanwhile in Waikato, cows are dying for a good cause. And people in Northland are beating each other up for a good cause.

A bid to ban marlin from restaurant menus in New Zealand is gaining momentum.
Here is how the Nia Glassie story unfolded.

An 8-year-old Ohope girl has fallen four metres from a balcony and landed on her face.

Ian and Ngaire Dittmer have been married half a century.

A woman has been hospitalised after a Tauranga dog attack just two days after two cats were mauled to death by a pack of dogs in Welcome Bay.

Meanwhile it was Gisborne's wettest winter in decades. Meanwhile there's still plenty of opposition to the 100 percent increase in Gisborne's parking charges.

Have you seen this guy. He's hard to miss.

Hastings mother Kathy Kerr has been robbed of years of film footage from the last years of her daughter's life.

Ever stayed at Kennedy Park in Napier?

Wanganui residents are being urged to help local retailers survive. Meanwhile Hannah Thompson is hoping a man in his 70s will return to collect the dishwasher he bought from her nearly a month ago.

How mindful are we of our whanau? Do we have the big conversations that we need to?

Over in the Wairarapa, employment prospects are apparently "blossoming". Meanwhile a 4-month-old puppy has been dumped in a recycling skip behind Domino's Pizza in Masterton.

Some Masterton mayor Garry Daniell's central city buildings have been deemed an earthquake risk but "I don't think anyone is at risk being in them at this stage" he said despite not having done a detailed structural analysis. Wairarapa was badly damaged by earthquakes in 1942.

Jason Dean Hart, 17, kicked in the door of a shed, cut the chain securing a motorbike and took off on a joy ride before randomly happening upon the owner in Queen Elizabeth Park where he ran him over.

In Christchurch, burglars are targeting student flats. Meanwhile on Lincoln Rd there's apparently sex in the street, drug taking, yelling and swearing, and men urinating.

A pop-up movie theatre will be built in New Brighton.

Searchers hold little hope of finding Ashburton whitebaiter Victor Edward Boraman, 21, alive. The family understood his body may never be recovered. "Wear a life jacket" is the message from a Papakaio couple to whitebaiters.

Dunedin City Council mayor Dave Cull is blaming the economy for a drop in public satisfaction with the council.

Over in the Queenstown-Lakes District, they are expecting to grow faster than Auckland.

Somebody went on a destructive spree in Oamaru, apparently flinging rocks through business windows with some sort of catapult.

Meanwhile parts of Oamaru are being washed away into the sea.

Westland Mayor Maureen Pugh is not worried by the closure of the Whataroa Courthouse, one of the least used in the country.

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