Did someone say t-t-t-t-t-turbbbbboo pod?

Yeah, we did, it's all go today alright! Content, content, content - so much to get through so little time, let's rip in.

It's here! The much talked about (last week) Cox Plate is upon us, and Louis is away to watch the mighty mare Winx do her thing, stay tuned for radical updates live from Melbourne. We back that up with some radical futuristic transport chat - that's right, e-scooter mayhem is upon us, strap in kids! Oh, and by the way, New Zealand's best three for the price of none deal is going down this Saturday, we touched on that too.

The extended agenda runs through as follows:

Going on holiday to watch Winx in the Cox Plate ❤ (2.23)

Lime E Scooters are sending society into meltdown. (7.10)

NPC finals weekend: Canterbury's dominance shouldn't be scoffed at. (13.06)


Teen golf prodigy takes Mitch's heart. (19.23)

Stoked's lessons for the Jami-Lee Ross shamozzle. (21.54)

Wrap & ramble. (27.48)

Just to finish us off, a wee public service announcement as follows:

In case you didn't know we're actually coming at you with episode 32 of the series, (we know you knew, you're an intelligent Stoked listener). If this one tickles your fancy you can catch the backlog on Apple podcasts here, and iHeartRadio here.