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Wow! It's been a manic few weeks for us here at ilabb. After a massive weekend down at the mountain, we've been 'all-hands-on-deck' back at the ilabb studio ensuring orders were dispatched on time when our winter sale kicked off online and in store.

Ironically, right about the same time, our warehouse manager, Jono, was away welcoming his new baby boy into the world – our youngest addition to the ilabb family – congrats, team! Full respect to Ash for covering in Jono's absence and leading the team, who all pulled together and smashed it out of the park.

The BNZ SupersizeSME billboard, airport and bus shelter campaign is certainly working. I've received loads of positive and cheeky messages from people I know who are keen to have a laugh when they've seen us up in lights. Apart from getting these messages, I've been stopped in the street multiple times by people wanting to ask questions about the program and let me know they've been following us, which is pretty awesome.

Following on from our work on resetting the business, the entire ilabb crew have put in huge efforts to get the mechanics right. I'm stoked that we've strategized a solid wholesale action plan, and we're now focussed on delivering that plan over the coming months during our busiest part of the year. What's super important right now is to ensure the support systems are there and all working effectively for the team to deliver our ranges to ilabb's B2B buyers, to engage more with these guys and their staff, and to begin to deploy some of the exciting new B2B initiatives that we've been working on.


Grace, our Digital Manager, and the Digital team have been changing up the navigation on our website. She's confident that this new navigation will help customers find the products they're after more easily, and that the change will lead to solid incremental revenue. We've also been gathering some direct feedback from our customers by trialling Customer Radar's Net Promoter Score technology. Next on the list is to identify how we get better bang for our buck from Google and the tools to drive traffic to our website.

Picture / Supplied
Picture / Supplied

ilabb's Operations team has been making sure that our summer product is all looking crispy and will be here ready for its launch. This will certainly ramp up soon, with massive deliveries arriving this month which need to get out to all our customers across the retailer network, our ilabb stores, and to online customers. Follow us on Instagram using the handle @ilabb (

Matt is taking a well-earned break this week after putting in some huge effort working with the design crew to close out product for our next range, which goes out for sale later this month, and the secret project we're holding you all in suspense about. It's exciting, I promise! Keep an eye out!

I was first introduced to Matt and his co-founder, Seadon Baker, by a friend of mine almost 10 years ago, who asked me to give these budding new business owners some accounting and finance advice. What was meant to be a couple of hours of my time has turned into an inspiring 10 years of learning, tough challenges, massive pride and huge personal reward with what we've achieved and continue to achieve together. I guess the key point here is: no matter where you are in your business life cycle, there is loads to learn in this ever-changing world we play in – whether your business is brand new or has been around for years.

At ilabb, we're all excited to see what the next milestone is that we can achieve together. Having the massive help and support around us that Matt Headland, Newstalk ZB and BNZ have provided is amazing.

If you're in business, then you too can access similar support. I encourage you to get yourself a mentor, leverage the knowledge that's out there and run with it to realise the success that you dream of!