By Tayla Mitchell

The buildup into the ANZ Premiership final wasn't ideal for Wendy Frew but the Southern Steel's inspirational captain came through and played the full 60 minutes last night's victory.

Just weeks after a van crash that resulted in Frew needing surgery on her elbow and knee, she spoke with Radio Sport Breakfast about the accident and the final victory over the Pulse.

"A couple of weeks out from playing the game was not ideal prep but the girls had our backs and we just knew we had to do our own jobs well and that's all we focused about".


It's been an emotional time for Frew and her other teammates who were also involved in the crash. But it was the rallying together that got them over the line.

"It has been an emotional few weeks dealing with all the dramas from that [the crash] but as a team I think it made us strong and it really helped us out obviously experiencing that you know made us strong as a group and we just wanted to do it for each other."

It wasn't a full consistent display from the Southerners but Frew says they were just trying to get the win.

"I think our first quarter and actually our first half was really strong and in the second half we were probably a wee bit quiet. But we got the win and we were trying to get the win at the end of the day, so absolutely stoked."

Frew thought her team delivered under pressure and did their jobs well.

"There was a lot of pressure on us to win last night and the girls delivered, they came to the party and we tried to keep cool heads all week and go about the basics and doing our own jobs well and I think the girls stood up and done that."

Next up for the victorious side will be competing in the Super Club tournament in Nelson beginning on July 2.

"We fly out on Saturday, so there's not a break for us but I guess we've just gotta enjoy the next few days and then when we get up to Nelson we'll focus on Super Club.