A thorough review of Kiwi netball players' contract models will take place during negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Players representatives and administrators have begin discussions on a new deal, though no major changes are expected.

The players and administrators have begun talks, with players' wages high on the agenda.

Players Association boss Tim Lythe says they'll conduct a thorough evaluation of how much players should receive.


"I think it's no secret that there isn't any more significant revenue coming in. If there are changes it would be potentially around the contract model, it's for the parties to sit down and discuss, see what works best, and whether it needs any major tweaking."

Lythe says they always spend a good amount of time discussing players' contract models.

"Everything from the amount of money that's coming in to pay the players, to how many contracts there are, what the level of retainer payments are and what else you can do around that. But that's something the parties always debate and discuss a fair bit.

Lythe says it's important they keep up with the times.

"It's the chance to review the current environment and sit back and have a look at it and see where we need to make amendments, so I'm sure we'll have some really good discussion around things like the contract model and how to make sure the competition is sustainable going forward."

Negotiations are expected to take a month.