Radio personality Michael Kooge has "weeks" to live after a new devastating tumour was discovered, which cannot be treated.

Since the social media announcement, the newsreader and radio presenter has been moved to a hospice, according to a Givealittle page posted by a long-time friend.

The former Edge presenter, lovingly referred to has "Kooge" by friends and fans has been fighting brain cancer for the past three years.

"Unfortunately, Kooge has just received the awful awful news that there is a new tumour which is inoperable and untreatable, and the doctors have informed him that the only option left is to let the cancer run its course," reads the Givealittle page - set up to help with funeral costs, something Kooge wishes to relieve his mum of.


In a video posted three days ago to Kooge's public Facebook page, he shared the emotional update about his battle with cancer.

Hi all

Here is the latest update from the family. Michael sends his love to you all.

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Posted by Kooge on Saturday, July 11, 2020

"I've got four weeks to three months to live," he said.

He shared that over lockdown he experienced numbness on the left-hand side of his body. His leg, arm, and hand didn't work. His doctor sent him for a scan.

"Unfortunately they [the results] are not good, as expected."

A new tumour was found in the same area where his brain tumour was discovered in 2017.

"They can't offer any solutions [for] how to fix it. Surgery is too dangerous," he explained.

He says there is a risk surgery will leave him permanently paralysed.

"So we've decided no, also radiation is not an option because I've had too much radiation throughout my life ... so that's not going to happen either."


Chemotherapy also has the potential to "smash" his immune system.

"The doctor can't offer any options at all, apart from, if I'd like, 'just let it run its course'," he said.

Fighting to speak through tears, Kooge said "I've always just wanted to leave peacefully, so that's what I've chosen to do."

A brave Kooge declared: "It is what it is, that's just life."

He thanked his friends, family and Facebook followers for their support.

"Big or small, you've played a really great part and I thank you for that. Just like a movie you've been a great character."


Kooge's mother Gaylene Kooge told Stuff he "has a matter of weeks at most."

"It all happened so fast and unfortunately the tumour caused him to become paralysed, it was a very sudden change of events."

Kooge was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017 and suffering seizures. He had previously battled lymphatic cancer five years earlier. At the time, specialists declared there was no sign of lymphatic cancer left in his body.

In November 2019, the family also dealt with the tragic loss of Kooge's father, John Kooge, who sadly passed away of cancer.

Speaking to Stuff, Gaylene and Michelle Kooge said they took solace in the fact Kooge would be reunited with his father soon.

"He's going home to his dad," they said.


The life expectancy for someone with my type of brain cancer is 1.5 years.

Today ... we hit 3

I want to say a...

Posted by Kooge on Tuesday, June 23, 2020