A Kiwi couple had a life-changing experience at an Ed Sheeran concert in Austria when the pop star dedicated a song to the newly engaged pair.

Tauranga couple Ben and Courtney are holidaying in Europe, after Courtney won tickets two weeks ago to Sheeran's concert in Austria, as Ben's brother Josh told ZM.

While attending the concert, Sheeran began to play Tenerife Sea - the couple's favourite song. Ben took the opportunity to propose to Courtney, to which she said yes.

Then, as Sheeran began to introduce a new song, he heard someone in the crowd mention that the couple had just got engaged. The UK pop star asked for their names, before telling the crowd he was dedicating that song to Ben and Courtney.


Josh told ZM that the couple are Sheeran superfans, which made the moment all the more special.

"[Courtney's] one of Ed Sheeran's biggest fans, and her and Ben have been to so many of his shows. They are such big fans, they even named their little orange tabby cat after Ed," he said.