Fans have lashed out at Kiwi promoters over an upcoming show by dance music star Deadmau5.

The musician, who performs wearing mouse ears while inside a giant neon cube, was confirmed to headline Summerfest on December 2 at Mt Smart Stadium.

But in a Facebook update, promoters Our House said Deadmau5 would no longer be bringing his cube stage set up.

Many fans said the cube was "a huge part of Deadmau5's draw card" and the absence of it was like "ordering a hot dog and not getting the sausage".


Our House said: "Regrettably, with the layout of the site and implementation of the festival marquee, we have realised we are simply unable to accommodate the Cube set up."

The announcement follows heavy promotion in which Our House boasted about Summerfest being the "first festival in NZ to produce this iconic set up - the most transformative stage in the world".

One Deadmau5 fan commented: "Please never, ever promise us something as massive as a Cube show again if you can't 100% deliver. It's kind of shitty that you've sold tickets based on something you didn't have."

Another wrote: "The Cube is a huge part of Deadmau5's draw card, and especially since you guys advertised that The Cube was coming, and that could have been a deciding factor for some to purchase tickets, I think the onus is on you guys to find a location that can accommodate the show you advertised."

Others accused the company of "selling the dream, then taking it away", criticising the company saying: "So basically you didn't think logistically before promotion?"

Our House has apologised to fans for the change, saying, "Deadmau5 has agreed to bring a different version of his show to Auckland.

"We will still be creating a production masterpiece to emulate other Deadmau5 productions around the world... with all the Mau5 Heads and amazing live music, of course. We are grateful to Deadmau5 for his understanding and agreeing to come to New Zealand to perform for his fans."