Electronic powerhouse Odesza has announced they are returning to New Zealand this September - and Kiwis will be the first audience to hear their new album live.

Odesza, comprised of Seattle duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, will play at the Great Hall on Thursday, September 14.

The duo will be playing in support of their new album, A Moment Apart, which is due for release the week prior on September 8.

September's show will be the duo's third time performing in New Zealand, and Knight says they're excited to return.


"We love coming out there, the audiences are absolutely amazing. We're really excited to build this theatrical yet alive electronic experience that's kind of mismatched together.

"We're pulling from all these different influences and we're going to go through all these different genres throughout the set, so we want to make something that is unique and exciting and that can hold the audiences' attention for 90 minutes, if not more."

Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster from June 16. Venue and promotor pre-sales will be available from June 15.