What are they?

Jabra calls its Evolve 75 model "the best wireless headset for concentration in the open office". So these are firmly designed with a computer-bound office worker - that's me - in mind. After two weeks in which they've barely left my head, I can confirm the on-ear 75s are compact, comfortable, sound great and very easy to use.

What do they do? Drown out your rowdy workmates, for one. That's thanks to the active noise cancellation option that's so good, even screaming from my workmates couldn't get my attention. Now that I'm used to it, I'm a believer. They're wireless too, so you don't have to worry about cords dangling in your glass of water.

What's the best feature?


Probably the ability to connect to two devices at once. I had them paired to my laptop and my phone throughout the testing period, and not once had a connectivity issue. When my phone rang, any audio from my computer immediately cut out. A huge 30m radius also took a while to get used to. That's how far I could head out of the building to get a coffee and still stream Lil Yachty's new album.

Any downsides? Getting used to where all the buttons are on the headset does take time. You may find yourself flicking the power off instead of the noise cancellation option for a while. If you're planning on using these on the commute home, you can safely stick the microphone on to the headphone via a magnet so you don't resemble Michael Jackson during his Bad tour era. But you'll also need to invest in a second charger for home. As for that charging stand, it's a little clunky.

Okay, how much are they? The wireless and noise cancellation options mean these are Jabra's most expensive office headset and retail for about $472. If you sit near someone super annoying, it's a wise investment. They'll allow you to get more work done, so you may even be able to persuade your boss to pay for it.